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Thieves in the Temple – Thoughts And Lessons I’ve learned, Pt 1

Thieves in the Temple – Thoughts And Lessons I’ve learned, Pt 1

Written By Shirleyne McDonald

*This article is dedicated to sharing  some thoughts and lessons I’ve learned (and truth be told) am still learning about being a mom.

First things first.

Let me start out by confessing that I don’t have any special qualifications to speak with any authority on the how to’s of motherhood.  I am simply a thirty-something working mom of two.

Nonetheless,  I feel compelled to share because I am a firm believer in paying it forward.  I have been abundantly blessed with an arsenal of wonderful women from whom I draw courage, strength and wisdom.  This article is a testament of the knowledge that I have acquired from them as well as through my own trials and errors, tears and triumphs.

This year, nearly a decade after the birth of my daughter, my son was born.  Even though this is my second time around much of the same feelings of excitement, fear and discovery have resurfaced.  The tentacles of maternal bliss mingle daily with the reality of mental, emotional and physical fatigue.

But unlike my first time around, I am now acutely aware that in addition to all that we are called to do and be, we must contend with thieves.  These pilferers are masters of deception and if allowed will steal the wonderment out of motherhood.

They are quite ubiquitous and mask themselves in the benign and ordinary. In order to protect against these swindlers, we must be aware that they come in many forms.  I’ve listed the 5 most common culprits, but their disguises are many, so be vigilant…

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