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The 10 techiest cars of 2014

The 10 techiest cars of 2014

Packed with radars, sensors, cameras, and more, the techiest cars of 2014 aren’t quite ready to drive themselves, but they are ready to compensate for their drivers’ all-too-human failings, whether it’s straying from the lane or sucking at parallel parking. They also boast the latest in human-to-car interfaces, including multiple screens, touchpads, joysticks, and even writing input.

Connectivity is the third big trend in high-tech cars: Who offers it, for how much, and with which apps. And yes, there is a car that smells great—take a whiff of the Mercedes-Benz S550, below. (What you won’t see are the latest all-electric and hybrid cars, which merit a list all their own.)

As car tech hurtles toward a self-driving future, the line between the human’s duties and the car’s is increasingly foggy. If 2014’s techiest cars say anything, it’s that your vehicle’s skills may soon matter more than your own


1. Infiniti Q50

 The Infiniti Q50 tops our list with an industry first: Direct Adaptive Steering (or DAS), also known as drive-by-wire, because it controls steering using an all-electronic method (although there is a backup mechanical system). DAS in turn enables two safety features—active lane control and predictive forward collision warning—that make it one of the closest things you’ll find to an autonomous vehicle.

Active lane control monitors lane markings with a forward-facing camera and adjusts the steering angle accordingly. Predictive forward collision warning alerts you if the car ahead of you is slowing down or stopping—and it can also watch the car ahead of that one.  Read More>>>

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