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Succeed Under Stress

Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in Your Life Now | 0 comments

Tonight on the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (CBS at 10 ET), all eyes will be on the breathtaking beauties in skimpy lingerie. What no one will see is the 47-year-old British man behind the curtain who makes certain that the show–the cumulative effort of nearly 1,000 artists and technicians–goes off without a hitch. And that’s just the way Hamish Hamilton likes it. “If we’re doing our job right, you’re almost unaware that we’re doing our job,” says Hamilton, who has directed every major live television event imaginable, from the Oscars to Super Bowl halftime shows to concert events with artists …read...

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5 Strange Success Strategies

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 in Your Life Now | 0 comments

Pay attention, managers: Group the Johns with the Jennifers. The quality of a team’s work improves if its members share the same initials, suggests a new study from the University of Wisconsin. Your name forms a big part of your “self-concept.” And so you feel an immediate connection with–and familiarity toward–people who share your initials, explains study coauthor Evan Polman, Ph.D. As a result, you’re more comfortable teaming up with like-initialed coworkers, which improves communication and productivity, Polman adds. Sure, it’s weird–but it just might work. Here are four more strange strategies that could lead to success: Facebook Breaks for Everyone! …read...

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The Habit That Hurts Your Marriage

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Your Life Now | 0 comments

Sip together, stay together: Relationships are more likely to end in divorce when only one spouse is a heavy drinker, says a new study from the University of Buffalo. Researchers followed newlyweds for 9 years and found couples with dissimilar drinking habits split up half the time, while only 30 percent of spouses with the same booze preferences called it quits. Also surprising: The divorce rate for two heavy drinkers was no worse than couples that abstained from alcohol. It’s the difference in drinking habits–and not the imbibing itself–that leads to separation, says study author Kenneth Leonard, Ph.D. Uneven liquor consumption hints that …read...

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Five costly home insurance mistakes to avoid – Yahoo Homes

Posted by on Nov 28, 2013 in Your Money | 0 comments

Figuring out what kind of home insurance you need might feel like a big headache, but it’s nothing compared to the headache you’ll face if you’ve got the wrong coverage and disaster strikes. “I have been eyewitness to numerous instances when an insured thought some problem was covered by their policy, but the insurer received the claim and immediately looked to two ways in which they could deny it,” says Ted Corless, a property insurance attorney.  First, the insurer checked to see if the damage was caused by something not covered in the policy, and second, they checked to see if any information provided by the insured wasn’t accurate. Even small misrepresentations could result in your claim being denied, Corless warns. To avoid falling into this trap, keep some of these common home insurance mistakes in mind… Mistake #1...

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Budgeting for Twins: Tips to Save Money – WebMD

Posted by on Nov 28, 2013 in Home Life | 0 comments

Your beautiful, little newborn twins might cost you a pretty penny. Here’s a financial and practical guide to bringing up twins on a budget You have almost 10 months to prepare for your twins’ arrival. Just think of all the fun things you need to buy: a stroller, cute little outfits, and toys of all shapes and sizes — not to mention diapers and formula. In the excitement of their arrival, you may want to shower your twins with the newest and best of everything. But before you spend a dime on baby expenses, stop and think about how you’ll budget. All those purchases will start to add up — fast. A little preparation now can help your budget grow to meet the needs of your growing family. Read on to find out how you can raise your little...

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