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2015 Ford Mustang revealed – Yahoo Autos

2015 Ford Mustang revealed – Yahoo Autos

After 49 years, you would think Ford would have figured out the formula for designing a new Mustang. Yet every fresh generation of the car since the ’70s has drawn great concern from the fan base — and occasionally, those fears came true. This time around, Ford’s corporate rule of building models for global consumption led to the most worry; would the new ‘Stang lose some of its essential character while chasing new buyers?

Here’s the answer: Yes, there will be right-hand-drive Mustangs, although they’ll be a small portion of total output from the Flat Rock, Mich., factory. Yes, there’s a new turbo four-cylinder engine option that will hearken back to the SVO days of the ’80s. And the rear suspension finally joins the 21st century, dropping the cheap solid rear axle setup as pioneered by the Model T.

But Ford engineers and designers say their overarching goal with the 2015 Mustang was to preserve all the traits that have made the name a mainstay of American roads and drag strips for five decades — not remake the formula for audiences abroad.

“We designed this Mustang to be a Mustang, to be the next generation update of everything important, and then take it global,” Dave Pericak, Ford Mustang chief engineer, told Yahoo. “We didn’t decide to do a global Mustang, because that would be a different product.”

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